We know. We owe you an explanation. One does not simply uproot one’s life, stuff it in a van (well, most of it), hand you a business card with three words on it, and say “goodbye, see you next year, if ever.” One does not do that, and we wouldn’t either.

Here’s what you know:

Li et Co was founded by Lisa Felepchuk and Coleman Molnar. Hi. You know us. We’re tall and like to run and eat good food with good friends…and we just bought a van!

But Li et Co is much more than just a gallivanting duo of lanky goofballs. Li et Co is a lifestyle publication (you’re on it rn) committed to exploring the world and telling the stories that lighten and inspire our lives; a content solutions house dedicated to bringing brands’ stories to life online; and an experiment in what happens when you throw a hashtag on your life, your relationship, and your van, and then hit the road indefinitely.

As we set out to live our dream, we’ll be documenting our adventures on lietco.com as we explore the people, the places, the traditions, the ideas, and the culture, that give us those big-ol’ fuck-off-genuine smiles that, if held too long, make your face hurt. We love that hurt.


Li et Co is in the business of “Gosh! Wow! That’s SPECTACULAR!” because we like the way it makes us feel. And we want to share that feeling with our community.

We’d love for you to come along for the ride–seriously, our van sleeps four–so please join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat (lietco), Pinterest, and sign up for our newsletter.