Forget reincarnation, this is an afterlife we can believe in. 

A man from Nanaimo, British Columbia has found the new coolest thing to do after death: travel the world by bottle.

The public met Hugh Robert Nisbet (AKA Biker Bob) earlier this year when his remains and a note that read “If you find me turn me loose” washed up in a bottle on Vancouver Island.

Bob, let us just say this: Great. Fucking. Idea.

Ok, so his attempt to see the world hasn’t actually got him very far just yet. He was first discovered on the island’s China Beach. He went for a beer with a local at a biker bar in Victoria (naturally), before being tossed back in. Then, after a week, he turned up on the shores of his island home once more.

Maybe he’s more of a home body than he wants to admit.

This time, though, not only is he getting to go for a spin on his current host’s bike, but he’ll also be let go a good distance off shore in hopes that his next stop will be somewhere a little more exotic. Like Alaska. Or California.

We’re headed south eventually, Bob. Meet you down there.

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