When you downsize from a condo in the big city to a van whereverthehell, your priorities change, and so does a lot of the gear you rely on.

For example, Lisa and I drove across the country and back again with a full-size, long-handled, metal strainer that took up an entire cupboard and made us curse (okay, I did most of the cursing) every time we had to move everything around to get it in and out. It made sense in the city–it was stylish and durable and easy to clean, and fit fine in our ample cupboard space–but it didn’t fit in our new tiny-home kitchen that often spilled out onto a cooler top outside. Eventually, it got traded in for a plastic collapsible strainer that tucks right into our cutlery drawer.

It’s this compact gear we’ve come to appreciate.

Enter the WG Everyday Carry Grill, a stainless steel, two-piece, 2-lb grill that looks badass over a campfire or in that swanky fire bowl you’ve got on your patio, can handle up to 35 lbs of grilled goodness, and breaks down to slide into a bag smaller than a bottle of wine.

Watch this vid and tell me you don’t want one of these in your life:

Needless to say, we WILL be finding a place for this to live in our van. In fact, it almost feels like it was designed specifically for vanlife.

True story: George Rizkalla, the founder of Wolf and Grizzly (WG) and co-creator of the crossover wilderness-city tool, used to be an engineer at Blackberry, working largely on development of the keyboard (ah, nostalgia…), and though he didn’t design this crossover wilderness-city tool with us specifically in mind, he agrees it fits the movement.

“For me the project was always about disconnecting,” says Rizkalla. “I didn’t want to create something high-tech. And if it was high-tech, I wanted it to be something that was disconnected from everything else because I feel like that’s what we need….I wanted to encourage people to get out and do these sorts of things, whether it’s as drastic as what you’re doing, the vanlife, or just in the day-to-day getting outside–it doesn’t have to be this crazy adventure.”

That is definitely a feeling we can relate to.  

The WG Grill is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. If you want one for your vanlife or even your regular life, take advantage of the flash sale on right now; $89 gets you the grill, cleaning cloth, and carrying case (valued at $169).

Wolf and Grizzly is a Li et Co partner.