Lisa names 11 fashionable items ladies should always look for in thrift stores. 

Much like the places we stay, which range from decidedly simple camping to the odd luxury hotel (yes, we are blessed), our wardrobes are a mix of high and low. There are a few great pieces we’ve hand picked and paid top dollar for, and some other fine products we’ve been lucky enough to be given by the brands themselves (again, blessed), but a large chunk of our wardrobe was found at thrift stores.

Oh, we pop tags alright—we pop with the best of ’em.

We also write. We write lots. Lisa combined both of our loves in this piece for The Loop, one of our favourite publications to write for.

We put the piece together, including making 11 gifs to go with the piece, on the windy shores of Tofino earlier in the fall. Inquisitive stares were generously administered from passersby, but, hey, this is what we do.

Here’s my favourite gif of Lisa goofily modelling her picks of the best things to thrift. (For the rest of the listicle, click on through to the full piece on

Suede AND fringe! Whaaaaaaaaaa?!


Both Lisa and I, inevitably, end up looking at the leather jackets. I paid $25 back in Toronto’s Kensington Market for the black leather coat I wear every other evening. Lisa has this sweet little slice of the ’80s, which she scooped up for $20 at Parkdale’s Public Butter (consistently one of the coolest thrift stores in the 6ix). One shoulder pad removal surgery later, and she’s got one of her most statement-making-est pieces.

Lisa loves fringe, as you can tell by her enthusiastic shimmying and shaking. (She does this every time she puts on this coat, fyi—not just when we’re making gifs for stories). The suede was just a happy bonus.

One item that didn’t make the list that we’ve now taken to snatching up: bolo ties. YOLO, wear a bolo, I always say… We’ll have to put them on the list we’re putting together for thrifty guys.

Stay stylish, you cheapskates.