As the author of many a men’s gift guide, I can tell you that it’s no coincidence that there’s always something sharp and pointy included.

The truth is, dudes like things that cut stuff—razor-edged, spiked things. If it can accidentally slice our thumbs off, real easy like, we want to be playing with it, stat.


I wasn’t allowed to bring all my kitchen knives in the van (this was more upsetting than leaving all the shoes behind), but a few of the sharpest did fit into the tiny cutlery drawer.

This one, a gentleman’s folding Laguiole that was gifted to me by Lisa’s thoughtful parents, is my go-to for when we want to take and/or make lunch outside the van.

It’s also damn pretty. I call it my fashion knife, and sometimes, just sometimes, I even wear it on my belt.

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