We partnered with Dewar’s, the most awarded blended Scotch whisky in the world, to celebrate National Tartan Day with a wee dram of Dewar’s 12, aka The Ancestor, and some Scottish trivia.

Happy National Tartan Day! Here’s tae ye!

That’s right, it’s a Scottish holiday in Canada (one that, sadly, doesn’t warrant a day off work) and we’re honouring it by eating Scottish snacks, wearing our most Scottish(ish) clothes, drinking Dewar’s 12 and doing a bit of trivia about the country it (and part of us) came from.

Never heard of National Tartan Day? Keep the heid! (Read: stay calm!) It’s the day that Canadians gets together to celebrate our Scottish heritage and Scotland’s independence by playing bagpipes, wearing kilts, eating haggis and, obviously, drinking whisky. Canada is home to approximately 4.7 million people with Scottish blood pumping through their veins, so it’s no wonder we wear plaid so well.

The Day started in the late 80s in Nova Scotia when it was deemed official by the provincial government. The rest of Canada, seeing what an awesome party those Maritimers were having every year on the 6th of April, soon decided to join in. As a holiday, it has real potential. It’s young still, and we expect it’ll only be celebrated in bigger and better ways each year.

For us, we’re paying homage to our Scottish ancestors by sampling Dewar’s 12 Year “The Ancestor” during a round of Scottish trivia. Check out the video to see how many of the questions you can answer correctly, and scroll down to learn more about the tasty tipple that is Dewar’s 12.


Here’s what you need to know about this whisky.

Dewar’s has been proudly promoting its blended whiskies for centuries. It was founded in 1846 by John Dewar, and globally promoted by his gallivanting sons, namely Tommy. Tommy was an outgoing, gregarious lad who played a large part in making the brand the international success it is now. Today, Dewar’s claims the title of most awarded blended Scotch on earth, an achievement it attributes to its talented master blenders.

What we’re drinking today, and what I’ll review here, is its 12 year-old double aged, “The Ancestor,” named after John Dewar. It’s the predecessor of the former Double Aged whisky, and shares that same process wherein the blend of whiskies (already aged) undergo a second six-month marriage process in oak casks.

So what does that double ageing process actually mean in the glass and in your mouth? Basically, more and smoother flavour. Lots and lots of flavour, and balance.

Before you get to analyze the colour of the whisky, you get the sound of the cork popping out of the bottle, which never gets old. Pour a dram, hold it up to the light, and you’ll notice there’s just a shade of reddish brown in the golden yellow.

The nose is light, dry fruit like raisins and dates. I’m tempted to call it Christmas cake, and I pick up a bit of grain and honey as well. Maybe that grainy note is porridge, which, fun fact, some Scottish people like to eat with a dram in the morning–I can think of worse ways to start a day.

The first sip reveals a nice spice, well balanced and not too sharp, along with a mild citrus. The palate is similarly spicy, but with a little bit of butter and honey, both of which carry over to the finish. I’m left with a delightful hint of smoke, subtle caramel and oak…as well as the desire to have more.

As far as Scotches go, this is of spectacular value at around $40 plus tax. It’s a good time to be an appreciator of blended Scotch, a statement the Dewar’s 12 “The Ancestor” backs up remarkably well.