La Jolla, California

7 Things You’re Going to Want to Do in La Jolla, California

We’re pretty certain this is what you’re going to want to do in La Jolla. Why? Because we spent three weeks living like locals in this San Diego community and really got to know it. Like, really. And as much as we loved the vibrant parts of the city’s downtown, the cool vibe, endless biking and running trails, and sense of community in La Jolla make it our fav spot in SD.

Enjoy the view at the Living Room Coffee House

This place has everything you could ask for in a neighbourhood cafe: perfectly steamed cappuccinos, a street side patio outside and ample seating inside, pastries galore, adequate wifi, and a laid back vibe. Through the back windows, you can see slivers of the ocean, and upstairs (which, sadly, we didn’t explore) there’s a lounge with hookah and cigar bar, and drinks.

The Living Room Coffeehouse.

Appreciate the Pink Lady and this ’Hood’s History

A few doors down from the Living Room is a neighbourhood icon: The Valencia Hotel–but the cool kids call it the Pink Lady. Why? For obvious reasons, of course. The sprawling, 100-year-old building is painted a chalky pink. To stay the night ain’t cheap (we rode our bikes by and just admired), but we do recommend a icy cocktail or hot drink (weather depending) on the patio.

Make a new BFF at Seal Rock

Prepare to be blow away. By the stench. Seriously, it reeks real bad down by Seal Rock, but dozens and dozens of the bulbus mammals dot the flat rocks, and you can get pretty close (though we don’t recommend too close–they’re still wild animals) for a photo. Or just admire from afar, breathing through our mouths, like we did.

Surf (or just Surfer Watch) at Kellogg Park

Seven in the morning on a Saturday, and you’ll spot board-toting surfers trickling onto the beach at Kellogg Park. We know this because we spent a few mornings in our van here. If you surf, this is the place to be. And if you don’t, a beachside picnic to watch the pros and wanna-be pros ride the waves is an awesome way to lose an afternoon.

Kellogg Park

Drink a Trendy Latte at Bird Rock Cafe

After that authentic hipster vibe? Hit up Bird Rock Cafe. Yeah, it’s not in La Jolla proper, but their address is still in La Jolla, and therefore, we’re including it on our list. The hipster vibe makes it feel like you’re in a larger urban city centre, like a Portland or Toronto, but with more flip flops and boardshorts.

Watch the Sunset at Windansea Beach

Some of the most epic sunsets happen here on Windansea beach (Coleman and I we were lucky enough to live up the street for a few weeks and saw our fair share). There are plenty of benches at street level or craggy rocks to climb down onto the ocean floor for front-row seat to Mother Nature’s daily show.

Sunset at Windansea Beach.

Sunset at Windansea Beach.

Pick Up Produce at the Sunday Farmer’s Market

Sure, there’s a Von’s grocery store right up the road (which we shopped at during the week), but hold off on your fruits and veggie purchases until Sunday, and spend your cash at the La Jolla Farmer’s Market. In addition to the produce galore, there are food vendors selling everything from $2 street tacos to crazy cookie flavours (we tried the birthday cake one) and local artisans.