13 Things We’re Really Going to Miss About Toronto

There are some pretty super things to do in the 6ix.

Just because we’re getting the fuck out of Dodge doesn’t mean we aren’t also going to miss the fuck out of Dodge. 

The countdown to van living is on, and while we have our sights set on the road, we’re trying to appreciate Toronto for the awesome city it is, while we’re still here.

It’s in this spirit that we’ve put together this list of the things we’ll miss about The 6ix, which, incidentally, are pretty much the best things to do in The 6ix. 

Tell us what we forgot in the comments or on social media. We sure are forgetful, aren’t we?

The view from the top (aka our 24th storey apartment)

It certainly wasn’t the square footage of our one-bedroom that sold us on it. We’ll miss waking up to this skyline. 

Drinking legally/illegally in Trinity Bellwoods

Bellwoods, bubbles & bentos. #trinitybellwoods #veuve #sushi

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Hipster heaven. Bring your slackline and a bag of tall boys. (*Note, we are not lawyers and have no actual idea as to the legality of drinking in Bellwoods. Also, don’t drink and slackline.)

Our Friends!

Ouch! Our hearts! This one makes us feel it all. All the feelings. We’re saying goodbye to some of the coolest people in the country, and even though we’re sure we’ll be seeing them all again, and meeting a whole bunch of awesome new friends, it’s just hard, ya know? (*sniff) How many do you reckon we could fit in the van? I’m betting at least 11 of the smaller ones…

Looking for random stuff, and eating Ding Dong Pastries, in Chinatown

Need a screwdriver, or a hat, or one of those little carts old ladies grocery shop with? Why not look for it in Chinatown? A non-branded, yellow t-shirt? You know they’ve got that, too! Sure, you could go to Canadian Tire, or order it all on Amazon, but where’s the fun in that? Go rub shoulders (literally) on the sidewalks of Spadina, and stop for a pork bun at Ding Dong Pastries. (Not the best Chinese bakery in our opinion, but goddamn if it isn’t fun to say.)

A toilet and a shower of our own


Yup, pretty sure we’re going to miss these ones. Not really Toronto things, but still.

Buying produce at Kensington Fruit Market

Best fruit and veg shop for price and quality in the city. We’re talking $2.50 bags of arugula–that’s right, get some. Corner of Kensington Ave and St Andrew. 


Toronto has sports. All the sports. Including some Jays that are Blue and pretty good, and some Leafs that are also blue, strangely, and not very good. We’ll miss these sports, but rest assured, the Jays hats are coming with us!

Mewan, that stupid little cat idiot

Saturday morning breakfast feast. Mewan, you’re a cat! Sausages are for humans!

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Just look at this little moron! Impossibly cute. Unfortunately, Mewan can’t come. Good news, though: he’s going to be roommates with a beagle named Clark Kent. 

Patio Season

Sunshine! Sweet, blessed sunshine! The fact that Toronto winters last about 9 months makes patio season that much more irresistible to the locals. We’ll definitely miss some of our local haunts like the Black Bull Tavern, which has some of the best sunlight into the evening, the Beverly Hotel rooftop bar (yeah, bet you didn’t know they had one), The Rhino in Parkdale, and Paupers Pub in the Annex.

Awesome Mexican food, everywhere

A few years ago, someone decided that no Torontonian should be without delicious burritos at all hours of the day. As a result, there are tons of places to get your bean on in The 6ix. Our local fav: Burro Burrito on Richmond. Order the pulled pork taco salad, and yuhuh, you want the extra chips. You’re welcome.

Getting around without a car

Look, we love our van, and we’re looking forward to driving/sleeping/cooking/working in it, but it has been nice living downtown and walking everywhere for everything. On a related note, know anyone who wants to buy two vintage Italian road bikes? They’re well suited for tall folk…

Crushing Americanos at cool coffee shops

Have the best Saturday ever, friends!

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Freelance club has some pretty great venues to choose from in the city. Some that tick our boxes of nice staff, cool space, and solid Wifi in the downtown core: The Roastery in 401 Richmond, Cafe Jules on Peter,Fika in Kensington, and the newly opened Quantum Coffee on Spadina and King (that place that used to be the hostel).

Toronto Island

That’s right, Toronto has an island. And it’s actually pretty close. And there’s a nude beach there. And it’s pretty happening. You should go there and whip it out. All the cool kids are doing it.