You know that fuzzy feeling you get when your barista waves away the plastic form of payment you’re proffering, and proceeds to makes your latte on the house? Or when you’re walking down a slushy spring street and spot a crisp twenty dollar bill in a melting pile of snow? I am the luckiest human ALIVE today! You think-scream to yourself.

That’s pretty much the feeling I had upon learning that J.Crew and New Balance were teaming up to launch a line of activewear, and that I’d get to wear some of it. The former has been my go-to spot for sparkly necklaces, stripe crew-neck cashmere sweaters and leopard-print everything long before they made the jump into the Canadian market—not to mention, Jenna Lyons is the epitome of prep-cool-chic. And I’ve been sporting New Balance even longer on the track as a teen—we’re talking ’90s, before running was a thing.

The New Balance x J.Crew collection is, as you’d expect, preppy-cool-chic, just like Lyons. The high-waisted crop leggings are perfect for whatever your exercise of choice may be—even if said exercise is running errands. Let me tell you, they’re ridiculously flattering, too. Perfect looking butts for all! I call them my “build a bum pants.” The sports bras and tanks come in a range of J.Crew-approved hues and patterns like sage green, navy and a dreamy cream and pink stripe, which, yes, is as gorgeous as it sounds.

The collection isn’t just for gals either. Guys can get in on the action, too, and let me tell you, Coleman has. The stylishly cut half-zip pullover and shorts that fit perfectly have become his latest uniform for when we’re getting our sweat on.

The New Balance x J.Crew collection is, as you’d expect, preppy-cool-chic.

We’ve been running in our gear for a few weeks now, and we’ve given it a pretty solid tryout; first along the snowy streets of Southern Ontario (that’s right, Coleman wore shorts in Toronto in February), and most recently down the dry desert trails of the Phoenix area. Two totally different climates, same gear, and it did the job with style in each.

Versatile, just like we try to be.

Shop the collection here (for guys) and here (for gals).