Van life breakfast is easy with this simple, gluten-free pancake recipe (it’s also dairy-free and candida friendly).

Even if you don’t live in a van, you’ll still want to try this gluten-free pancake recipe. A French friend (like, legit French, from France) shared this recipe with us, and we were skeptical after hearing the ingredients—one egg, one handful of whole-grain oats. It sounded too good to be true. How could two measly ingredients make a pancake that also fits the candida diet?

But it does, and it’s so, so scrumptious. From start to finish, it takes all of about five minutes, and you can easily alter the recipe to suit your taste. Sometimes we’ll add chia or flax seeds, natural vanilla, and cinnamon. Or puffed quinoa and coconut flakes if we’re feeling squirrelly. It’s pretty much a blank canvas for awesome.

And as if you need more reasons to give this winning breakfast number a try, here’s another two: they’re really hard to mess up (unless you forget about it on the [van]stove, and walk away for 25 minutes, they’re hard to burn), and they use just one pan and one mixing bowl, which makes it a solid option when you live in a van with a doll-house-size kitchen.

Here’s what you’ll need to make one pancake (if you want to share one with your lover/roommate/business partner, double it):

  • 1 large egg
  • 1 handful of wholegrain oats

Step one: Blend it like Beckham

Mix egg with oats and stir like you mean it. The more oats you add, the less cakey it will be.

IMG_2922 IMG_2920

Step two: It’s getting hot in here

Turn stove on medium heat and melt a scoop of coconut oil in the pan. This is optional, but you’ll mitigate your sticking risk.

Step three: Load ’em in

Pour the oat and egg mixture into the pan, cook for two to three minutes on one side, or until golden brown. Flip and wait another minute.

Step four: Fork that ‘cake

That’s it, folks! The world’s most simple gluten-free pancake. Coleman’s bear-like, so he’ll forage berries and add them on top. Or almond butter—though he’s yet to find that in the wild.


Go on then. Give it a try! Then let us know how you customized it. My brother and sister-in-law add dark chocolate and banana into theirs. Those rascals!